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Gallery of Guns Honors Instructors

Gallery of Guns to Honor Outstanding Hunter Education Instructors

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JOIN US! 2014 IHEA-USA Conference

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Double Tree Hotel & Suites, June 2-5th, Charleston SC!

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2013 IHEA-USA Heritage Hunt

2013 IHEA-USA Heritage Hunt Provides Lasting Memories


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Hunting - "Safe and Getting Safer"

Hunter Education has been a HUGE success over time!

See Sports Injury Comparison HERE!

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Peer Influence Hunter Recruitment Program

The Hunting Heritage Trust (HHT), and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) recently partnered on a study to understand the impact of peer influence on youth participation in hunting and target shooting. The study, which was comprised of youth focus groups and a comprehensive phone survey, was conducted by Responsive Management, a leading public opinion and attitude survey research firm which specializes in natural resource and outdoor recreation issues.  The HHT, NSSF and IHEA-USA are now using the results of this study to help recurit hunters and shooters.  Click here to find out how you can help!    

IHEA is affiliated with the Association of Fish and Wildlife agencies

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Mossberg Introduces Five-Gun Training Set for Hunter Education Classes

Click here to read more about Mossberg's new training set made especially for hunter education courses.

The Cartridge Comparison Poster

The IHEA teamed up with Cartridge Comparison Guide to bring you a new educational poster.  This poster features all of the most common cartridges and shotshells depicted in life size, and  would be an excellent addition to any classroom.  Instructors get this poster at roughly half price.  Go to http://ihea.cartridgecomparisonguide.com for more information.

IHEA Endowment Donation Recognition

The International Hunter Education Association would like to express its deep appreciation to Dr. Edward Kozicky for his generous donation of $10,000 to to create the new Kozicky Endowment. The IHEA's most prestigious annual award is the Kozicky Award and this endowment will be used to fund this award in perpetuity. Dr. Kozicky was the first executive director of the IHEA, and he has been an ardent supporter of the IHEA mission and programs since the beginning. 

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Firearm Safety Rules

Follow 4 basic rules and make hunting even safer

Hunting is one of the safest ways to enjoy the outdoors. To ensure hunting remains safe and becomes ever safer, the International Hunter Education Association-USA (IHEA-USA) recommends hunters and shooters follow four basic rules of firearms safety.

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