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  1. On Native GroundCHRISTIAN Neocons Want a Whiter World

    Dave Comroe stepped to the firing line, raised his 12-gauge Browning over and under shotgun, aimed and fired. Before him, a pigeon fell, moments after being released from a box less than 20 yards away.

  2. Hunting in Louisiana: Top Spots for Hunting in the Pelican State

    Louisiana is a world-renowned place for hunting. Its beautiful mountains, dense hardwood forests, lakes, and swamps are perfect habitats for game, and there are many excellent hunting spots in the state.

  3. Hunting in Kentucky: 3 Animals to Hunt in the Fall

    The autumn months bring cooler weather, harvest season, and football. It's also rut, and open season for big game, of course.

  4. NY proposes changes in deer, turkey hunting seasons

    The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is accepting public comments through June 29 on regulatory proposals for hunting and trapping of wild turkey, deer and fisher. The agency is proposing to adjust fall turkey hunting seasons by limiting the season to two weeks with a bag limit of one bird of either sex for the season.

  5. Commission plans nine public forums next month to discuss deer hunting

    The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission will hold nine public forums across the state in June to discuss deer management. These forums will utilize an interactive approach to share information and gain feedback from hunters and others about their preferences for deer management in North Carolina.

  6. Hunting in Illinois: 3 Animals to Hunt Legally in the Spring

    When it comes to hunting in Illinois the state is a hunter's paradise for deer, turkey, waterfowl, coyotes, and other furbearing creatures. However, not every animal can be legally hunted in every season, and during spring many animals, including the trophy bucks Illinois is known, for are off limits.

  7. Hunting in Kansas: 4 Animals to Hunt in the Fall

    Fall is, most notably, big game season in the majority of states. In this, Kansas is no exception.

  8. Hunting in Kansas: Regulations for Hunting With Dogs

    Hunting with dogs is a time-honored tradition and sport that is still alive and well in many regions of the United States. Just as the pursued game varies by geographic region, so do the regulations and restrictions vary by state.

  9. Locust Township police seek answers on house trailer fire

    Locust Township Police Chief Allen Breach reported Saturday that a witness, on his way to do some turkey hunting at 4:55 a.m., called in a report of a fire at 114 Madison Drive. By the time fire crews arrived, the trailer was consumed by fire and it was "on the ground" at the time of discovery.

  10. Bagging 2 buck limit effective for 2015-16 hunting season

    The Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission has voted to reduce the white-tailed buck limit for the 2015-16 seasons. Deer hunters will now be able to take a total of two bucks throughout the deer hunting seasons.

  11. Raising Awareness About Lyme Disease

    An event to raise awareness about Lyme disease was held at the Evansville National Guard Armory Saturday. The event was held in honor of Charity Doane who is struggling with the disease.

  12. Waiting for Tom: How to Ambush the Toughest Gobblers

    Waiting out a tom from a blind isn't the most exciting way to hunt turkeys, but sometimes it's the most effective We guessed the first buck at three years old. He was feeding his way toward a group of does and yearlings that were munching right out in front of our blind.

  13. Hunting in Illinois: 3 Animals to Hunt Legally in the Fall

    From deer to turkey to waterfowl to coyote, Illinois is a hunter's paradise. However, not all animals can be legally hunted in all seasons.

  14. Turkey hunting - then and now

    The 2015 spring turkey season was, as of this writing, a total bust for me, as I have been neck-deep in the moving process to a new house that the wife and I have been building and dealing with for some months now. One of the good things about moving involves cleaning out accumulated clutter and finding things you forgot about and not seen in a while.

  15. Hunting in Colorado: Top Spots for Hunting in the Centennial State

    Hunting opportunities exist throughout the state and hunting in Colorado can take place on public lands, such as national forests, or on private property, managed in conjunction with the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife . Hunters should plan their outings according to the game they pursue.

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