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  1. Mark Sturtevant outdoors: It's that time

    Mark Sturtevant outdoors: It's that time Thanksgiving, and many Pennsylvania hunters have already said good-bye to their jobs for a week, perhaps longer. Check out this story on Ryan Wagaman caibrates a rifle scope Monday, Nov. 23, 2015 at Keystone Country Store, Fort Loudon.

  2. Some lawmakers to hunt despite budget impasse

    Some lawmakers to hunt despite budget impasse Some say the leadership isn't ready for them to vote, anyway. Check out this story on State Rep. Dan Moul is a hunter, but he will not be heading into the woods for the first day of firearms deer season this year.

  3. Rabbit, quail season at a glance

    Rural mail carriers who volunteer to help the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources reported seeing fewer rabbits along their routes this year, but hunters can still expect to encounter plenty of rabbits this season. "If you look back at the data, we've had really high numbers of rabbits, some of the highest in several years," said Ben Robinson, small game biologist with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife.

  4. Hap Baker shooting range busy at start of deer season

    The sharp aroma of cordite was on the wind Friday at the Hap Baker Firearms Facility in Westminster, and the warm air was punctured by a steady snap and crackle of pistol and rifle fire, punctuated by the occasional throaty report of a larger .30-06 rifle or a black-powder-fueled muzzle loader. Behind the rifle range, a dozen would-be shooters milled about, chatting or simply biding their time until their number was called and they, too, could take a place on the firing line.

  5. Delaware Waterfowl Hunting Seasons Reopened Through Dec. 5

    DNREC's Division of Fish & Wildlife reminds waterfowlers who hunt in Delaware that the next seasonal segment for hunting migratory ducks and Canada geese runs from now through Ducks and Canada geese: Third and final season segment begins Friday, Dec. 18 and is open through Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016; Snow geese: Season continues through Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016; daily bag limit 25, no possession limit; includes Ross' geese. Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with permission of refuge manager.

  6. Authorities looking for hit-and-run driver who fled scene of Jones accident

    Authorities are looking for the motorist who fled the scene of a two-car accident that injured some people in Jones County Friday afternoon. The Mississippi Highway Patrol said the driver of a Lincoln Navigator ran away after colliding with a Ford Focus near the Dollar General Store on Highway Eleven in Eastabuchie around 2:30 p.m. Turkey hunting and camouflage go together like turkey and dressing.

  7. Tyler Frantz outdoors: Prep for deer season

    Tyler Frantz outdoors: Prep for deer season To many, the first day of deer season, the Monday after Thanksgiving, is sacred. Check out this story on Hunters can count on others bumping deer their way, as was the case last season when the author's brother Travis put down this nice opening day buck.

  8. Four generations of deer hunting in one season

    Four generations of the Lutz family pose for a photograph before going out for an afternoon hunt Sunday, Nov. 8, 2015, the second day of Minnesota's firearms deer hunting season. The land north of Stillwater, Minn., has been in the family since the Civil War.

  9. Pennsylvania Game Commission: More surveillance of deer for chronic wasting disease

    The first Pennsylvania Game Commission' deer check station operating near East Berlin in 2014, as part of the state's response to the first confirmed case of chronic wasting disease in a captive white-tailed deer in Pennsylvania. With more deer confirmed with chronic wasting disease earlier this year, the Pennsylvania Game Commission has announced it will increase surveillance for the disease that wildlife agencies across the country worry could devastate deer populations and deer hunting in their states.

  10. Duck hunting a family tradition for Jacksons

    The best days in life for Donald and William Jackson are spent trudging through a cold, flooded rice field in the Arkansas night, a dog and each other by their side. The father and son team have been hunting ducks together for about a decade, since the 23-year-old William first showed an interest.

  11. OUTDOORS: Start of deer hunting season always provides a thrill

    It may not be quite the same today as it was in the 1950s and 1960s, when the opening of the deer season might as well have been a state holiday, but it's still a special day for many. In parts of the Midwest and South, factories and businesses still close, high school classrooms empty out and country roads are as crowded now with cars and pickup trucks long before sunrise as deer hunters head for the woods.

  12. Families of jail inmates celebrate Thanksgiving in a very non-traditional way

    While most of us enjoy our family Thanksgiving in the comfort of our homes or at local restaurants, others have no choice but to visit some friends and relatives in a place no wants to be on the holidays - jail. Officials at the Rock County Jail say holidays are the busiest time for visitations, as people try to lift the spirits of their loved ones on the inside.

  13. Hunting for wild turkey, savoring a North woods morning

    The big birds are a favorite in some kitchens, savory and dark. Try wild turkey braised in red wine - a sort of "wild turkey au vin."

  14. Dockery: Plenty of space for hunting besides parks

    The perfect example of "if it ain't broke" is Florida's State Park System. At least it was before Gov. Rick Scott and his Department of Environmental Protection secretaries started to meddle.

  15. Wisconsin boy makes once-in-a-lifetime shot while deer hunting

    Every hunter remembers their first buck and the story of how they got it. But one area 10-year-old may have one of the rarest experiences we've reported over the years.

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