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  1. Duck Hunting Season to Open Friday in Del.

    DOVER , Del. - Delaware's regular duck season opens this Friday, October 24, according to Delaware's Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

  2. Link up to technology and do obtain great hunting info without going to the woods

    Harness available technology and plenty of scouting before and during deer season can be done without setting foot in the woods and leaving any human scent. Hunting has definitely entered the 21st century, with range-finding rifle scopes, night-vision binoculars for predator and hog hunting, and apps for our smartphones that tell us exactly when the sun rises and sets.

  3. Youth hunter kills 163-inch monster in Ouachita Parish

    John David Richardson, 10, of West Monroe, poses with a big 13-point buck nicknamed 'Christmas Tree' he shot Saturday morning in Ouachita Parish. There are very few things in the world that trump the feeling of taking a monster buck that you've had your eye on for a long time.

  4. Hunting season delivers big bang for the bucks

    West Town Archery staffer Scott Heitman releases an arrow at the shooting range. The Brookfield store will be busy throughout the deer hunting season, and so will many other Wisconsin businesses.

  5. Outdoors with Lauren: Changes to Gun Deer Hunting

    There are big changes coming to deer hunting. This is the first year that crossbow is allowed to all ages, but some of the most notable to the gun season is the way the season structure is set up.

  6. Swearing off lead shot and its deadly legacy

    We crouched by the slough, shotguns forgotten, our heads tipped skyward as the two pintails spiraled in, wings locked, through the morning fog. There is nothing prettier than the intensity of a pintail dropping in from the heavens with the sound of a small jet aircraft.

  7. Chris Nischan guides way to adventures

    He spends about 300 days a year helping clients from across the state and around the country pursue elk, deer, turkeys, waterfowl, bass and trout Last week when I called Chris Nischan at his Nashville home, he'd just returned from five weeks of guiding elk hunters in New Mexico. He said he might go turkey hunting the next morning.

  8. 11-year-old hunter bags rare albino deer

    HOWELL, Mich. - It's rare that an 11-year-old hunter bags a 12-point buck with a crossbow.

  9. Firearm antlerless deer hunting opportunity starts this weekend

    Deer hunters can take advantage of an October three-day firearm antlerless deer season on private land again this year, according to Paul Johansen, assistant chief in Charge of Game Management for the Division of Natural Resources . In counties or parts thereof having a firearms antlerless deer season, the season on private land will open Thursday, Oct. 23 and remain open through Saturday, Oct. 25. "There are several advantages to hunters and to deer management if hunters participate in this season," Johansen said.

  10. Recent Rains Brighten Prospects for Texas Duck Hunting

    For the first time in several years, ducks heading into Texas won't be landing in the dirt thanks to decent rainfall across much of the state in recent months. It's a reprieve from the drought waterfowlers have been waiting for, particularly in light of reports of record numbers of ducks heading this way.

  11. Duck Commander Blinds; Perfect for Any Waterfowl Hunting Situation

    Any fan of the Duck Commander hunting videos has watched in envy the permanent blinds the Robinson clan often hunts from on their Louisiana property. Serious waterfowl hunters also know there are situations where a permanent blind isn't a possibility-or it's simply not the best option.

  12. "Couch to Deer Hunt" with Marshfield Clinic

    Marshfield Clinic has launched "Couch to Deer Camp", a helpful series of videos that will offer exercises, health and safety tips leading up to deer hunting season. Dr. Laurel Rudolf and Marshfield Clinic Physical Therapist Dean Brix shared more insight about common hunting risks and injuries, plus ways to take preventative measures.

  13. Despite accidental shooting, officials say mandatory education has made hunting safer

    With a dog working ahead of them to scare up a pheasant, a trio of hunters work their way through a field off Coolidge Woods Road in New Hampton on Saturday morning.

  14. AOAA sets hunting guidelines

    Authority members voted unanimously Monday to adopt a new hunting policy that permits walk-on hunting from dawn to dusk on days the park is not open for motorized use and from dawn to 9 a.m. on days when motorized users are allowed in the park. The times will allow patrons to continue riding while accomodating hunters who have fought to keep the county-owned property available for their use.

  15. Hunting permits limited as Missouri deer population recovers

    Mid-Missouri deer hunters will see limits on the number of permits available this year. They also might see more deer in the woods and fields.

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