About IHEA

Who We Are

An overview describing the members of IHEA and the things we do.



Information about IHEA committee work.


Meet Our Students

Who takes hunter education courses, and what kinds of hunting do they do? Check out this page to see the adventures awaiting hunter education program graduates.



IHEA's By-Laws cover duties of officers, elections, membership, committees, and conferences. 


Future Plans

Check here to find out where the IHEA is headed in the next few years.



Information about IHEA's Board of Directors and professional staff.


Current Projects

Find out about some of IHEA's specific projects going on right now!


Contact IHEA

How to call or write the International Hunter Education Association


Non-Government Organizations

IHEA works with many non-government partners to further the causes of wildlife conservation and hunter education. The American Wildlife Conservation Partners is a key group.


IHEA Foundation

Information about the IHEA Foundation, the Board of Directors, and its mission.



The shooting sports industry plays a vital role in hunter education and wildlife management programs.


How You Can Help

Hunter education programs benefit wildlife and people who enjoy the outdoors. Everyone who cares about wildlife and hunting can help to make hunting safer, and hunter education more effective. Here are some suggestions.

International Hunter Education Association

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