The Shooting Sports industry plays a vital role in hunter education programs. The fact is, industry plays a vital role in wildlife management, especially in the United States.

Companies who make firearms, ammunition, and archery equipment pay an excise tax to the federal government through the Wildlife Restoration program. These funds are used by state wildlife agencies for land acquisition, wildlife research, management, shooting ranges, and hunter education. The excise taxes on the hunting industry is one of the primary reasons that wildlife restoration was so successful during the 20th century.

Many industries work directly with the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA)-USA to make certain products available at discounts to instructors or agencies. This type of assistance helps stretch the limited dollars in everyone's budget, while providing a more effective training program for students.

Industries also work with IHEA-USA to develop safer products to use in the field, and to develop training aids for hunter education courses.

People who work in the shooting sports industries are usually hunters and target shooters. They care about the safety of people who hunt, and they care about wildlife. Industry is working with all of us to protect our hunting heritage.

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