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JOIN US at the Downtown Marriott, May 18-21st!
Hosted by Iowa DNR, Come JOIN US at the annual conference of administrators, staffs, partners and Hunter Education Instructors -- learning more about how to enhance hunter education in the states and beyond. Kicked off by the leadership in Iowa and with IHEA-USA, the opening session and presentations will bring you the latest information, data, issues and needs for your program and give you a chance to pick the brains of experts in the field as well as within each state's hunter education program.


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2015 Membership Promotion Winners Announced! Congratulations to fellow IHEA-USA Members!

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2014 IHEA-USA Photo Contest Winners Announced

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2014 Heritage Hunt Held 2014 Heritage Hunt held at Hixon Ranch in Cotulla, TX

The annual Heritage Hunt, also called the DREAM HUNT, was held November 7- 9th at the Hixon Ranch near the hunter-friendly town of Cotulla, "Deep in the Heart" of South Texas.  Two lucky students and two instructors enjoyed "a most memorable hunt!"

(l to r): IHEA-USA executive director, Steve Hall, CO instructor Robert Clemans, WV dad Jay Stanislawczyk, WV student Jacob Stanislawczyk, KS student Curtis Williams, KS dad Gerald Williams, Hunt Coordinator, Leaha Wirth (Focus Group, Inc.) and WS instructor Richard Rowell

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IHEA-USA 2014 Administrator's Academy Completed IHEA-USA Fall Board Meeting & Administrator's Academy Held Oct.13-17th!

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